The more I read books about alcoholism and write about it,  in the process I do understand why alcoholics drink alcohol. I have been repeatedly asked why I chose to write them. The answers lies at the bottom of my heart. I graved to those who are already affected by this disease and their families, including my own family. I wish there’s something that the government can do to stop or to prevent more liquor  businesses to operate anywhere and everywhere all over the world.

This would be the continual  discussion from PART ONE on this series. For simplicity’s sake, I’m  going to use THEY  referred  to man and woman.


Loss of control.  The lost of control is usually progressive. At first the alcoholics can control their drinking most of the time, But they sometimes get drunk when they doesn’t want to. Eventually they loses control more and more. They may drink only on certain days or at certain times because they knows they can’t always stop when they wants to. If they continues to drink, they finally lost control. They will drink when they would rather not drink, even when they knows they needs to be sober.

. Progression. The alcoholic may not drink more, but they gets drunk more often. They becomes less dependable. They becomes more and more obsessed with drinking and less and less concerned of their responsibilities.

. Withdrawal symptoms. When the alcoholic stop drinking they may suffer from nausea and vomiting, headaches and “the shake”. They usually is very irritable. They may even hallucinate. In the advanced stages, There may be convulsions and hospitalization  sometimes required for the drying out period.

. Personality changes.  The alcoholic seems to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. When they drink, they are very different  from the way they are when they’re not drinking.

. Blackouts.  These are a form of amnesia. The alcoholic really doesn’t remember what has happened. Blackouts can occur even when the alcoholic isn’t drunk, lasting a few minutes or entire days. They are frightening to the alcoholic and confusing for the people around them who don’t understand why they can’t remember what happened.

The next issue were going to touch base is Why is alcoholism Called a Family Disease?

  • The family’s obsession
  • The family’s anxiety
  • The family’s anger
  • The family’s denial
  • The children caught in the middle. 

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