Hello everyone I’m back! : )

Just want to share with you what’s happening  here in the Philippines. Here some pics of  the house I bought while I’m there in BC. I’m outside the gate of a bungalow style house with lots of fruit tree surrounds it. First day  and the very first time I’ve been in the house since I bought it.

DSC_0089 The cars. The two white is mine, and the jeepney belong to one of my niece and her husband.

Landscaping is my next project out side the house. I’ve been in my farm and it’s great, and of course my first project there is not finish, (a pig farm). Maybe next time around. Sorry! no picture, coz I forgot to bring my camera.

DSC_0101DSC_0099 A very colourful inside paint, a country side style. My first day in the house. unorganized  and messy. My brother and nephew’s still working to fix the kitchen, and overall, this house  is not finish yet.

Below; are my nieces and their husband and their kids and they call me mom, which is music to me ear. Beside me is my  older brother Efren who worked very hard to finish this house and one of my niece Nene who suffered a great deal just to help me make my project comes to life( the centre who wears purple shirt and block short). Without her I do not know what to do. She is the only one person I can trust. With her honesty and loyalty gives me peace of mind that she will be able to help me through all this and make things  right that all of my projects and plan will be done in a certain manner of trust, peace and security. At first, I’m in doubt of what I’m getting into. But now, I’m sure that I chose the right person handling and running the business with or without me. God is great. He know before hand what gonna be along the way. He know ahead what were planning, what were thinking, our ambitions, our passions. He knows our heart. And if our hearts is right, He guides us and bless us accordingly.DSC_0134

DSC_0144It’s great to be home. Next project while I’m here is the sewing shop.


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