Super typhoon in the Philippines

The typhoon Yolanda took too many lives and destroyed too many houses and families. Destroyed 99% of Tacloban City in Cebu,Eastern Samar. And also most part of IloIlo City, Western part of Visayan Region. The ocean washed out too many dead bodies  on the street. One of the school where the City sheltered many families in Tacloban City  are  all drowned to death. My property close to Quezon Province and Batangas City where my Farm was located where the storm also was hit. Friday were signal #2 but the rain and the wind so strong that were out of electricity overnight and the whole next day, and trees and banana trees trampled on the ground. How much more those on signal #4 and #5?. My prayers is for everyone that are affected. The Cities, the people, and their family. The Philippine Government, all leaders who govern the whole country. May God be with you all. DSC_0369


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