Additional 2014 collections.

I designed and made these dresses when I was in the Philippines! :). I was sick for 3 weeks :(.  And the typhoon happened. In just 10 days we manage to make 4 dresses with the help of my nieces.

The Skirts and the Tops was been cut by Flocy and Jonalyn, and they sewn shirt together as well. I just put them together. The difference between these three dresses is the belt. Good job! 🙂

DSC_0521DSC_0527DSC_0522This dress below was a mystery to Jonalyn (nene) and Flocy (inday). When I ask Flocy to cut the top of this dress and Jonalyn to cut the skirt, they had no clue how this dress look like, and I had no clue myself how the dress turns out because of the lace. They just followed my instructions and they had lots of questions in the process and I’m in doubt too. This is the most difficult dress to make in our shop, because of the way I designed it and the way it made, especially the bodice. The bodice alone,  because I used a very thin fabrics, If  you made it wrong, it doesn’t fit right.  So, I used 8 layers on each panel. The lace, organza, cotton lining, iron on interfacing, a hard cotton interfacing, then cut the cotton  lining and iron on interfacing and last but not least the hard backing cotton interfacing. After the cutting’s done, you have to iron the iron on interfacing to the cotton lining, (if you follow me) and then you have to hand base sewing the lace to the organza together, and cotton lining with iron on interfacing to the cotton hard backing interfacing. And after that hand sewn the lace set and lining set together and the other lining to the hard cotton backing interfacing. After thest process you have to machine sewing them together, then match them together and trimmed extra fabrics. Bra cups as well are difficult thing to do because if you do it wrong the fit is bad because there is no boning to hold it together. The skirt has 4 layers and the bottom of the lining, add crinoline to poof it out, and the lace and organza have to be hand sewn based it together. When my nieces learnt the  process of making this dress they’re ready to retreat. But have no choice, they stayed to finish the job. I put the dress together while they watched and amazed by how beautiful it is. Job well done guys, Thank you! :).DSC_0519 Below — You can change the look of this dress as you pleases.DSC_0529DSC_0542DSC_0544This dress is almost the same style as Kate and Maya. Just change it to a halter and spinal cord strap. CHEERSDSC_0549DSC_0553


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