Here’s my new additional collection of 2013’s dress.

Ideas, Style, Designs, always popping in my mind. I like designing and excited making them but my time’s limited for certain amount of dresses I have to make. I went to the Philippines hoping to start a small shop. But unfortunately the process is slow. So it takes time to run it in a full speed.  So, again, I have to make all dresses by myself. Wish me luck :). This dress below, the skirt was made first. Then, figure out what the top should look like. It took me 3 days to decide which one I like more. Scroll far below; notice a keyhole skirt?  I thought to make something like:DSC_0896This top. Corset style, dropped waist lace fabric, low back, 2 piece, etc etc.DSC_0865Finished it. I’m happy! : )DSC_0866But then when I put them together ( below) seems not right. The keyhole  back of the skirt disappeared. And the top doesn’t go right with the skirt, etc etc. Sooooo disappointed 😦DSC_0869Finally, I come up with this one.” Front view is on the top of this page”.

Colour: Tea green chiffon, Ivory charmeuse lining, diamond white lace.DSC_0893 CHEERS EVERYONE! until next post! : )


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