Changed of eating habits. And whats in the world we live in today. Start your own research. Start taking care of your body and the health of your loved one and your family.

DSC_0007I mixed all of these food in the blender to make smoothy, daily. Gives me energy and keeps me healthy. As most of you knows, I work day and night 7 days a week and I need something to wake me up. Some of the foods here is energy awakening, and some brings you right to the washroom. Papaya seeds kills worms.”look it up if you don’t believe me”. So if you include papaya in your smoothy healthy diet, do not throw out seeds but instead blend them together. Its good for you. I don’t drink coffee because coffee is just a temporary remedy and is addictive. I noticed that before when I was a coffee drinker, my stomach was acidic, bloated, and had indigestion problems, constipation.  I have to drink coffee to keep me from falling asleep, or I need to have caffeine to boost my energy up. Do you know that some coffee you drink have MSG and some other bad additive in it? “research it” if you want to know more about it.  The other reason why we’re so unhealthy, because we use to eat junk fast foods and the preservative added in our daily foods. GMO is the biggest factor why our health is failing. In addition to that is the water we drink. Do you know that our water has 70-300% SODIUM FLUORIDE in it? sodium fluoride is a deadly poison killer. SODIUM FLUORIDE is toxic waste from nuclear weapons, Fertilizer, Uranium purification, Mercury, Led, etc. And the world governments add them in our water. They knew about  it but they don’t care. Do your research. Read HOW TO ATTACK YOUR BONES and watch info Research about Chemtrails,  and What Fema and Haarp doing to depopulate the world, Google what is plum island, American Liberty of peace and Satan, and what  radiation do to our body.  Learn more. Buy purification water jar and drink from there. Saves you from getting sick all the time. The AIR WE BREATH. WHAT’ IN IT. Do you know that the Fema and Haarp sprayed deadly poisonous viruses daily on the air that we breathed? Did you see tiny jet plane lines about us and stays for a while and sometimes we watch with amazement how beautiful the line is?. I don’t understand many things before, Now I do learnt more things that amazes me in what in the world we living in today, that few people I talk to have no idea whats going on around them. Again I urge you “don’t take my words for it”  do your own research regarding this. And you’re just amaze to find out the whole true.

 Learn about vaccine  also. What does vaccine do to you body and health.

Women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, take care of your body and health. Take care of the fetus inside you by eating  GMO free foods, gluten free foods and organic food, “if you can afford it” but try and drink purified alkaline  water. Not only for your children but to protect your whole family.

Do you know what is the deadly thing we have in our house today?  OUR TOOTHPASTE AND INSECT SPRAY. Again, Don’t take my words for it. Do your research to find out.

Try to make this smoothy combo. You’re going to feel the difference in just a week.

Because of my work demands, I need to have supplement  on top of the healthy food I ate. So I take Multivitamin STRESSENTIALS.

DSC_0010This is another food I ate. Vegetables. Next post I will show you  all kinds of veges diet mixtures I ate for the past two days now. I am Insomniac, Asthmatic, I don’t have proper time set for my work and when to sleep. So whenever I feel like going home to sleep I go, Right away. Otherwise, I lost it and couldn’t sleep the whole day.

When I start my vegetables and herbs mixture diet in past two days now, I felt the difference. I feel alive and energetic all of the sadden. So I think I did  the right thing to change my diet from junk food to the healthier food. I will let you know how I feel in a weeks time.

I encourage you to experiment  you own healthy life living by changing your eating habits from junk fast foods to a salad, vegetable mixture diet. Eliminate coffee in take and drink more green tea and alkaline water instead. CHEERS EVERY BODY! : )


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