WHO YOU ARE (when no one’s looking)?

285770_329579880455043_2046265769_nWHO WE ARE BY THE WAY I once said to a friend that what I knew about my self, is that I am created in GOD’s image. That my parents was an instrument or a vessel to bring  me into this world that my parents was chosen for me by GOD. Do I know myself? not really. Only GOD knows me fully. He knows me even before I was conceive. He knows my name, He knows everything about me. He cares about me, my life, my future and everybody I cared and loved for. My treats, My character. I cannot hide from GOD.

Who we are when no one’s looking. Choosing Consistency, Resisting compromise.

CHARACTER –The word is seldom used in the Bible, and we don’t see it very often in newspapers or hear it on television. Yet we know what it means, and we immediately recognize its absence.

182351_327074884038876_2043749146_nPeople who never use the word character look around them at junior high promiscuity, busy abortion clinics and the current epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, and the mourn the passing of morality. They see elected officials taking bribes, business leaders demanding kickbacks and investors parlaying inside information into untold wealth,and they lament the demise of integrity. Or they read about battered house wives, jobless husbands and abused children, and they wonder what’s happening to caring.

Character  a wise person once said, is what we do when no one is looking. It is not the same as reputation—what other people think of us. It is not the same as success or achievement. Character is not what we have done, but who we are. and although we often hear of tragic lapses of character, describing its absence does not tell the whole story.550494_329579903788374_1992483987_nEndangered Character Qualities People give evidence of strong character in hundreds of ways every day:

A woman confronts her terror of public speaking so she can tell her church congregation about her miraculous answer to prayer: That’s courage.

A man vows to get up twenty minutes early every morning to jog around the block, and he keeps his vow: That’s discipline.

A high school teacher: patiently draws out an inattentive student and discovers she is a gifted writer: That’s vision.

A college student: overwhelmed by tests and term papers, consider dropping out, but decides to stay and study instead: That’s endurance.

These four treats are all on my “endangered character quality” list. They aren’t glamorous , and they aren’t easy. Therefore a lot of people trying to get along without them. But strangely enough, the most endangered quality of all is the one that we all think we want==Love.

389354_326278764118488_1739553120_nUnfortunately, when we say we want the character quality of love, most of us mean only that we want to be loved. We hope people will admire us and treat us affectionately, and we will try to do the same for them. But people of character go beyond  the  fuzzies to the hard work of loving. They do this in many different ways, often without realizing that they are showing strength of character:

581529_532871646805178_197701543_nA woman refuses to make any more excuses for her husband when he misses work because of a hangover: that’s tough love.

A father notices his daughter’s tear-stained face, and so he sits and down and encourages her to tell him what’s on her mind: That’s tenderhearted love.

A parent gives up an attractive job promotion so the family can stay in the town where they have made friends and put down roots: That’s sacrificial love.

A young widow offers forgiveness to the drunken driver who hit and killed her husband: That’s radical love.

579872_329580163788348_833485596_nLove, says the apostle Paul, is the most important Christian character treat (1corinthian13:13), and it is probably the least misunderstood. But it is extremely difficult to learn to love unless we also have other character treats: The courage to do what needs doing, the discipline to make decisions and carry them out; the vision to see far into the future and deep into people’s heart; and the endurance to keep going in spite of ridicule, discomfort or simple boredom.

533355_329579913788373_1974011150_nGOD BLESS YOU ALL

Merly Bayona


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