FIDAY EVENING537371_489849044391760_122660600_nRead all of your comments, appreciated it, and thank you : ) I worked 7 days a week and lonnngggggg hours too. But, enjoyed every bit of it.

Dedication and discipline is my  pattern or condition in achieving most of my daily task .

People asked me many time how I did it. Meaning; how I manage both. Designing, Sewing, Keeping up the demands of our Customers, Responding emails, Answering phone calls, Face booking, Managing Ellebay Bridal Boutique, and even blogging.

Well, If you go back to my previous blog “Endangered Character Qualities” Says; A man vows to get up twenty minutes early every morning to jog around the block, and he keeps his vow? I keep my vow. Also I disciplined myself to finish what I started through the night if I must, until it’s done. images-16

 Developing a Strong Character

Let’s see, ” I’m weak on courage, and so I’ll give myself two months to work on that one. Six week will probably cover discipline, and I’m sure I can handle vision in two weeks at most. I’ll just skip endurance, and that will give me two months on each kind of love”. If I follow this plan, in one year I’ll have a strong Character.

Benjamin Franklin reports in his Autobiography that he tried that approach, and it didn’t work. And soon as he mastered one good trait and went on to the next, the first one started slipping out of his grasp. Character cannot be developed through good resolutions and checklists, it usually requires a lot of hard work, a little pain and years of faithfulness before any of the virtues are consistently noticeable in us.

Developing character, however, does not have to be a grim task. There are secrets to developing each of the character qualities. More important, JESUS CHRIST– the only person who has ever consistently  excelled  in every virtue we could name–offers to develop His Character in us as we follow Him. This is an offer we can hardly refuse!

S A L V A T I O N    I S     F R E E

Please keep one very important fact in mind as you read this: No matter how wonderful your character is, it will never be wonderful enough to earn God’s approval. This is not about how to get God to sit up and notice you or how to improve your heavenly credit rating. As important as character is, it is not a way to earn salvation. Because salvation cannot be earned–not even by courage, discipline, vision, endurance and love.

SALVATION IS A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENLY FATHER TO US. It cost Him everything– the death of His beloved only Son. It costs us nothing. Hard work cannot earn it; neither good behaviour or sterling character. The only way we can enjoy a relationship with God is by coming to Jesus Christ, and our hands outstretched and empty, and saying, “Lord, I want to follow you. Please take me into your family, scrub me, give me new clothes and make me like you” And Jesus will do exactly that. He will take us as we are and assure us that we are His forever. Then–slowly at first, but surely– He will mould us and shape until we resemble Him.

This is for two kind of people. First, it is for you who,whether Christian or not, admire character strength and see the urgent need for it in our society and in yourself. I hope this will help you how to get to where you want to go. Secondly, it is for you who, having given your life to Christ, yearn for spectacular transformations and dazzling displays of virtue. I hope that you are already well on the way  to character strength, even if the path is humbler than you expected.

Character is our world most pressing need. If all 5 billion of us had strong characters, there  would be no wars, no hunger, no family breakups, no crime, no poverty. We will not live in such a perfect world until CHRIST returns and the earth is made new, but, in the meantime, we should not despair. To the extent that our own characters grow stronger, the world will be a better place

SO TAKE COURAGE—-a very good place to


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