th-37A week ago I had a dreamed.  I was on top of the mountain. As I was walking down the stiff hills to get to the other side of the mountain, I heard the bird chirping . At first I ignored it. Maybe I thought, they were just playing around. But as I got closer, I noticed the bird’s on the ground some sort of hurting chirp sound. As  I bent down to see what’s wrong, my skirt caught on a bob wire  fence and ripped it into pieces and bumped my head on a tree above me.  I woke up with an excruciating  headaches.

As I lay down still and quiet, I tried to figured out what was the meaning of the dream I dreamt, but nothing clear in my head but pain. Then I remembered the new dress I started making that, for few days now I could not think of any better skirt to  make for the new top bodice already finished. So, I closed my eyes again, go back to what happened to my skirt, how the skirt look like, So here it is! A New Look Skirt for Ellebay Bridal Boutique

DSC_0513As usual, this is my sewing room looks like everyday. CHEERS!DSC_0511WE’LL MEET AGAIN ON MY NEXT POST : )         MERLY BAYONA


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