Today I feel terribly sick! Had an Asthma attached this morning, Came in the shop at 3pm : (

It’s now 8:45 pm! Still working on a client’s dress, and blogged at the same time!

When you managed your own business, you need to have  Self-Management skill. Meaning, the ability to manage yourself well enough to get the job done when it needs to be done, as it needs to be done. This means doing a good job whether you like it, or not. I’m not feeling very well! But because I have a responsibility to fulfill for my client’s sake, I Have to  do what I always do. Put my client’s first as a priority over thinking of aches and pain of sickness. It works all the time!

My Secret? Free of stress. Because I know I have done it. I boost my immune system by thinking positive at all time. So can you!

This is my prayer for today. Pray with me.1653726_752262471453596_1460231463_nI love you all!  Keep on thinking positive rather than negative.

Until next time! : )  CHEERS!          Merly Bayona


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