My new dress collection! : ). New style, New look, and New face.

A multi-panelled dreamy and flawy skirt inspired from a dream.

Fabrics: Blush pink miyuki satin, ivory chiffon and French lace.

Making these dress was a long process especially the making of the skirt. Each bias piece cut differently to get “the perfect look”.

Photography: I have to take photos on my own because there’s  a certain style, look and angle that I’d like to see on each peace to post.” Thanks Camille”


DSC_0583This one is the lightest of all the bunched. (below)  I always want to make different style of a skirt, and to my surprised; The simpler  skirt you make, the harder it gets. it’s not easy. I had difficulties making this dress, by far. Especially the skirt. But, I made it……..!DSC_0529DSC_0520DSC_0516You can see all this dresses in our shop at ellebay bridal boutique.

Until next post again! : )               Merly Bayona


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