TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART. I’m not saying that I am healed from a broken heart. But what I can tell you is that, I am on my way to recovery. Few things I learned through these years that no one understand what you’ve been through unless they’d experienced that brokenness themselves.

Just for argument sake! I did not regret I gave my whole heart to one man or I’ll say loving him unconditionally. Because for those years I was grounded in a good way.1391740_10151629681176744_1508787877_nYou must acknowledge that relationship has ended. You must face the truth. You must not cheat yourselves. You can no longer afford to occasionally be intimate with your ex. You certainly can’t continue to live together ( the horror stories told by people who make this mistake really would curl your hair). Don’t use money troubles as an excuse to continue to live together. Get out, now, while you still can. Put away that ring, the ” cute couple” photo, or any lingering reference to the two of you as a couple. That means no late-night phone calls to each other just ” cause I’m lonely”. Or worse, making those anonymous calls where you dial just to listen to your ex’s voice saying, Hello? Hello? Hello?” (click). Or you hear your ex’s girlfriend or boyfriend voice saying “Hello?”. Where that leaves you? excruciating  Pain...

The longer you put off facing the pain, the more difficult that pain will be to deal with.( I had these experienced  that I cried almost every night for a long time, because I left it too long before I could come to term that my relationship is over). And maybe some of you felt the same way too.

And if you catch yourself  stalking  your ex to get another glimpse  of the one you’ve lost, get professional help soon. Stalking is a menacing form of potentially dangerous aggression. It is in no way an expression of love.

In additional to our discussion, These should not be the only remedy for people with deep and abiding emotional wounds. But also to those who are:

  • Addicts, to sex, to cheat, infidel, drugs, or alcohol. Don’t forget that denial is easy for an addict to hide behind. If in doubt, I urge you to ask a  friend or relative who knows you well if you have an addiction problem.  And this time, try very hard to listen, and, if need be, to get the help and support you need so that you can learn to give and receive  love in a healthy way in the future.
  • Abuser, or victims of abuse. If you have inflicted physical harm on a lover, or been abused by another, you need additional help.
  • People with depressive or bipolar conditions. Anyone who has had a long-standing history of periodic or chronic depression is highly susceptible  to relationship sabotage.
  • Anyone who feels irrational urges to harm himself/herself or another person, or who has urges which threaten to become uncontrollable.

At the very least, I urge you readers of my blog, who fall into one or more of these classifications to seek help.1002463_10151989211389086_257095726_nI cried out to God every time my heart ache. And I’m sure, you can too!

Until next time!  God bless you all : )           Merly Bayona


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