singles? or BRIDE-TO-BE?


YESTERDAY evening, an ex- bride-to-be came in my studio emotionally wreck. How are you? I asked. I’m not so good at this time. Okay! Do you want to talk about  it, what’s going on? Then she cried. Seat down I said. Take a deep breath and relax, you gonna be alright. Alright? Who am I to tell her that she’s gonna be alright. I do not know what happened and yet I told her everything’s gonna be okay? I asked myself these questions many times since.

To make the story short, She was in our shop last Tuesday tried on dresses for her upcoming wedding and she supposed to bring her mother to purchased the dress but she call off the wedding. On and on she told me what exactly happened.

She found out that her fiancee have an affair with her best friend.  She basically caught them making out in their own bedroom. How that happened! is he……She interrupted me with more crying, nose blowing, sniffling very upset staged.

I already knew there’s something going on with them both but I have no proof to question them. So, I pretend to go away for few days with the help of my friends and my mom. Some of my friend knew about the relationship but do not want to get involved. They knew it all along, but I am so stubborn to listen to them, I thought they were just jealous because I thought I’ve found a perfect man, and I love him very much. One day, My mom ask me if I am very sure, a 100% to marry Bob (not a real name). inspirational-quotes-about-god-with-pictures-i18I screamed at my mother to get lost.”She is not gonna do this to me. She is my best friend in the world”, I reasoned.  I screamed at my mom and what my mom always do is sign “zip-up-my-mouth” and leave. I am so ashamed of myself of what I was done to my mom and to my bridesmaids. Did you apologized?. Yes I did, she answered. How do you feel, I ask. I don’t know, Merly. We talk for 4 hours. She left at 2am. I blogged about this for 2 hours.
Next blog I will continue the story. I hope you too can learn from these.

4am, I have to finish the dress I am working on. Back to work!  Happy morning everyone! : )


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