The prospect of this new year of 2014 could be both disquieting and exciting. It could be exciting because it could be a year filled with new possibilities and opportunities and, at the same time, disquieting if you face the unknown future with anxiety, wondering whether the problems and disasters of the past will repeat themselves.

When we reflect on the future, it is rather common mistake to allow the events of the past to cloud our vision. International crises, financial setbacks, drought, floods, wars,as well as personal problems and disappointments tend to dictate our pattern of thought when we ponder the possible consequences for us.

Today, more so than ever before, the moment has come to place your unwavering trust in the omniscience of God. He truly cares about you and He loves profoundly: But of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive in Christ……( Eph. 2:4).

Everyone has a need for love: true, profound, and sincere love. Various personal and social factors indicate that mankind lost this love due to the fall. It is small wonder then that there are so many instances of suicide, divorce, family conflict, stresses and strains, and even war.

Therefore, you will have to rediscover, without delay, the fact that in this loveless world there is still Somebody who has a special interest in you: a God in heaven who is Love and who loves tenderly.

Believe in the promises of Jesus and approach this year 2014 in the presence of the living Christ. He will guide you through the labyrinth of life because He knows what is best for you. Your duty lies on obeying Him. Then your anxiety will be replaced with self-awareness born of the love of God!1964982_10153707433357355_145183068_n-1YOU ARE TRULY A GOD OF LOVE! THANK YOU FOR SENDING YOUR ONLY SON TO BRING ABOUT MY SALVATION TOO. AMEN.    Psalms 32:1-11.

God bless you everyone!         MERLY BAYONA


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