1002463_10151989211389086_257095726_nDear God, heal my broken heart. I cried out to you tonight asking thine strength  and  comfort. At this moment my heart is so broken. I ask your forgiveness because I know I am  a sinner save by Your grace. Give me peace I ask you. I am so weak, I need your strength to go on living, I need you every day, every moment of my life. As a woman, I give my heart to one man, my unconditional love and he broke it into many pieces over and over again. I have nobody to talk to regarding this  but to you, because I know you care. Many times I cried for this man and I cried now, only you knows it because you have seen me every single day. My heartache, my struggles, my brokenness, my loneliness. No one knows me better than you do. I do not want to cry no more, I do not want to feel this heartache anymore. I ask you to bring me joy and happiness from today onward. “Where could I go but to you Lord God”.  Please, I ask of you; heal my broken heart tonight.  Amenth-1Thank you God


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