Silver dress! WHO WEARS it BEST!

Camilla Mahalik– is the participant of Miss Universe Canada 2014.

Ellebay will be one of her sponsorDSC_0278Modelled by Meagan
cropped-dsc_0193.jpgModelled by Chelsea- She is one of ellebay’s intern and a bride-to-be. We will design her wedding dress for her 2015 wedding day.DSC_0353Modelled by Natalie- She is one of our past intern. IMG_2585126She is our past model! (forgot the name) I just have to call her Nicole
DSC_0505Who you think wore it best?  Want to know what you think: ) It’s a long day for me and I am ready to go home and have a good nap!

CHEERS EVERYONE! : )       Merly Bayona


7 thoughts on “Silver dress! WHO WEARS it BEST!

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