1781946_680891141972256_125258_nThese is where the chapter  of my life begins, in preparing for the losses virtually all hurt partners are bound to experience in the crucible of infidelity. Once you realize how universal your responses are, you’re likely to feel less gutted by the betrayal, less rocked by your own fierce emotions.  The healing process begins when you bear witness to your feelings and make sense of your pain. What’s critical to remember is this: The greatest threat to recovery is the loss of hope itself.

It’s likely at this moment that I am undergoing physiological changes in both my nervous system and my cognitive functioning. As adrenaline and other stress-related hormones pour into my sympathetic  nervous system, My heart pounding irregularly, I dreamt about him, leaving me, with another woman but never realize that my inner telepathy warning me what may occur. I’m afraid to  sleep early sometime, because I’m afraid to have a bad dream about him leaving me. I’m on denial for so long, everyday.

Chronically anxious and agitated, I take longer to fall asleep, awaken frequently  during the night, and are more sensitive to noise. I become exhausted from sleeping too little and thinking entirely too much.

My mind is punctured by vivid and upsetting memories, sensations, images. When I’m asleep, the quality of my dreaming becomes more violent and alarming. When I’m awake, I find myself suddenly lost or otherwise disoriented. What happened is, typical.   When I learnt that he’s having a new woman, I got lost. I was terrified that I was going crazy. I mean, this man I love from the bottom of my heart, unconditionally, left me with another woman just like me. This man is my reason and adored for a very long time.

MY FINAL WORDS FOR TODAY1947805_679884698739567_1040431188_n


There are few experiences that hurt more than being rejected by someone whom you love dearly. To give love and then rejected, is painful and difficult to handle. However, we must make sure that rejection is not the breaking of bonds that have bound someone to us so tightly that they did not have sufficient freedom and that their unique personality was smothered and stunted in its development by our love. Then, the only way to freedom is by rejecting your love. If you truly love someone , you will allow him the freedom that the spirit needs. It is only by setting someone free that the bonds of mutual love may be strengthened. It is love with the tender touch.

The principle of generous love forms the basis of the Christian gospel. God allows you the freedom of choice to either believe in Him or reject Him. Christ does not want to compel you to love Him. He invites you from His grace to accept Him and to associate with Him through a new relationship of love.

If you accept His love and make His new way of living your own, you will discover with delight that your imperfect  love reacts to His Divine love. Your relationship with Him strengthens and deepens steadily. Such love brings about freedom, joy and peace in your life. If you reject His love and turn your back on the gratifying life that He offers you, you not only accept  a lower standard of living, but you also turn your back on God’s love. He will continue to love you, even though you have rejected His love. In this way you sacrifice your precious freedom.

These is unconditional love is all about.

Take care every body!     Merly Bayona




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