Wrap up! This is how ellebay ladies dress up daily!

DSC_0459I have to tell you a secret!  This is me, Merly Bayona. Most of you do not know me! So, here I am. A single woman, a mother, a blogger, a designer, who makes every dresses  you have seen in here. An artist on my own right. Many years ago, I was skinny, younger looking, wears provocative and sultry dresses or outfit if you prefer that word.

I was frustrated on how I look like lately. I do not like to see myself in the mirror.  I see myself as flub, mushroom like. ( I said that to Sam when we had lunch and she laugh hysterically. She think I’m funny) It’s true. My measurement was 36-bust,  34 waist,  39-hip. I am 5feet tall.                      “ And this is me 3 years ago” And these is how I dressed up everyday. No styles, and no sophistication at all.  Can you see why I am still single?  I let you decide. And be honest, tell me!  I am happy outside and crying inside. Crying for help. Crying for love. No one notices me, even the one that I love most. And I don’t know when that someone will sweep off my feet. Maybe soon, maybe never. Only God knows.unnamed

Few months ago; I woke up one morning, so frustrated, upset and really angry on how I neglected myself. Naked in front of the mirror, I see myself as; “Do you ever see a ball made of a papier-mache? ” That’s how I see my body in the mirror. That’s it! I said to myself. Enough is enough. I want to wear nice dresses and I couldn’t because I don’t have confident of myself. I have to do something to change these, tears on my eyes! Hands up high and stamp my feet on the floor like a little girl.

That moment on, I made a decision to make a change for the better.

First, I do research on how to loss weight in a healthier way. I find out that vegetable diet is better that any diet there is. So, I only chose organic vegetables and herbs  as most of our vegetable contain GMO.  Add 2 tablespoon organic apple cider to my drinking water first thing in the morning and before going to sleep. Two months after, I feel good! Very good! I lost weight .Bust-34, Waist-27, Hip-35.5. I now go to the gym, have a personal trainer.

My goal is to have my body toned up. Flat abs and healthy.

My daughter is 21. I have her when I was 32. How old I am! Do you think I can do better than this? Any comments?  I will document my daily progress. Stay tuned!!



This is Sam. She is with ellebay for over a year now. First an Interns. Now, she is  working with me as a sales consultant. And she is amazing  and beautiful, Doesn’t she?. When I first ask her to take photos of me with my camera , she’s shaken as she only take photos in her cellphone. But with my encouragement she is getting better and better. Good job Sami! : )DSC_0433And Camille is my new Intern. She is 5.8 ft tall and I am 5ft tall. She is 23 years old and I am ????. Tell me how am I doing.DSC_0462Sam took these photos, she is getting better.DSC_0465Sam and Camille are two great ladies to work with. When I down or sad, they knows how to lift up my spirit. Great young ladies to be around.DSC_0468Until next time!                 Merly Bayona


One thought on “Wrap up! This is how ellebay ladies dress up daily!

  1. You are better looking with each year Merly. Most Beautiful Woman. The diet is great, the hair is great, the shape is great, the height is great. Perfect! Keep doing what you are doing. It’s working! 🙂

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