Fear -every human being struggles or has struggled with it in one form or another, and few dare to admit it. Why? We’re afraid to! If we confess to wrestling with fear, others might think less of us. Besides, we’ve been brought up to believe that it doesn’t  bother good Christians. We’re supposed to have strong faith – strong enough to move mountains.

Rather than admit our real feelings when our faith wavers and fear takes over, we often bury ourselves in busyness or flash a fake smile and pretend everything’s okay. Unwilling to identify and acknowledge our fear, we succumb to feelings of failure and powerlessness.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to change!

Fear is our worst enemy. We can let it ruin us by filling our minds with thoughts of dread and woe, or we can face it head-on and use it as a tool that can empower us by drawing us into a deeper understanding of who God is. My purpose for writing this is to help others learn to face it and use it as a tool.

I am not a psychologist nor pretending to give clinical advice. I am an ordinary woman who, through life experience, has encountered the face of fear more than a few times. I’ve felt my heart race and my adrenalin rush at the sound of things going bump in the night. I’ve wrestled  privately with the fear of rejection. Fear of losing everything I have. Fear of losing a man I thought I will love and be with for the rest of my life. Fear of the safety and  well-being of my children. I’ve panicked when my journey  has detours into unknown territory, and I’ve trembled when sensing God asking me to walk a path too risky for my liking.

In the past, fear has rendered me sleepless at night and snappy towards my daughter and my family. It’s caused me to say no to too many opportunities. I believe it was even responsible for my severe depression that my doctor wants me to take depressant pills to do the trick, but never addressed the root of my problem – fear.

To be continue………………….th-531655866_10152222903074939_598374134_n



27 thoughts on “The FACES of FEAR

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