Some of you maybe wonder why I write about fear. Let’s begin with a basic understanding of fear. Webster’s dictionary offers three definitions of fear as a verb: (1) ” to be afraid of”, (2) “to be in awe of”, and (3) ” to expect with misgiving”.

It’s easy to relate to the first definition because  we’ve all felt afraid of something or someone at sometime. When my daughter go out with friends at night, I’m afraid that something might happened to her. I’m afraid of driving because I might kill someone on the road or any one in the car with me. I’m afraid of having my blood drawn for medical tests. My face turns white, and nearly fainted when the needle is inserted even though I am surrounded by needles in my work as a designer and a seamstress. I haven’t got a clue as to why I’m afraid of someone inserted needles in my skin. I just is.

I have other fear too, What if something happens to me and could no longer work. What going to happen to my couture studio.  Without me, the business died with me. I’m afraid that my nieces and nephews could no longer finish university as I finance and support them. How about my mother, who will going to support her.

Now you know my fears. How about you? What are you afraid of? Think of your own situation. Write everything you’re afraid of. If you consider them dangers that pose a potential threat to your physical and mental safety, so choose to avoid them.

The second definition–” to be awe of”. Describes how we should regard God. We ought to fear Him because of His Holiness and power and wisdom. This doesn’t mean we’re afraid of Him, although we have reason to be if we’re deliberately choosing to disobey His commands. Being in awe of Him means that we revere Him. We hold Him in high esteem because of who He is.

The third definition–“to expect with misgiving”.   describes  a sense of uneasiness and disquiet. We can relate to that one as well if we’re ever focused on a particular situation and worried about its potential outcome.

Many parents experience this when their eldest child begins driving alone. They know the child has passed the driving exam, the vehicle is in good working condition, and the road are clear. But still… a nagging uneasiness haunts the parents until both child and car return intact.

A list of synonyms for fear lends several vivid descriptions.  to fear is to falter, lose courage, be alarmed, have qualms about, cower, shrink, tremble, and– my favourite–break out in a sweat.

Can you relate to any of these synonyms? Perhaps you’ve lost your courage while facing a terminal illness. Maybe you’ve faltered in praying for a wayward child because you’ve prayed for years without seeing results. Perhaps you’ve cowered in a corner, afraid that your friends might abandon you if they discover a hidden secret, such as a homosexual lifestyle or alcoholism or infidelity. Maybe you’ve been tempted to shrink back when someone ask you to do a task for which you didn’t feel qualified, or you’ve had qualms about child’s relationship with a particular member of the opposite sex.

If you relate to these synonyms, take hearts. You’re not alone! Your specific circumstances maybe different from the ones I mentioned, but the feelings they trigger are the same, and they’re all based in fear.

To be continue……………


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