My labour day of rest!

This is what I love doing when I’m not designing and sewing! Outdoor activity and Photography.

Always like to find and photograph images; like this one in Squamish river. What do you see! If you said turtle image, you’re right! : ).

DSC_0090This one if you said look like an Ape! you’re right again! : ).DSC_0120How about this one! If your guess is a fisherman with a flying fishing rod! You’re right again ! : ).

I hiked with two men for 10 miles on a dangerous terrain. I fell down and brushed my right side. But, oh well! No pain no gain. I had a good time! : ).

DSC_0133How about this one below; How many images and faces you see! Can you see a troll head, a lion, a tiger, a fish, old woman, a giant ant, You’re good!DSC_0117I had a good time that day. But as soon as we’re back at the camp office we are told that our camp was visited by a black bear and knock off the cooler on top of the table with few foods in it and ate everything. And that’s not it but the bear came twice. WE are 80 campers that day before we left camp ground for hiking and fishing, but when we came back, were just 3 campers left. I was afraid that the bear will come again, so we decided to go back home that night. Mother nature wins and we  are ousted by the bear. I had a great time and lots of fun! : ).  CHEERS EVERYONE!


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