Kim Anderson’s wedding album.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Merly and Ellebay Bridal. I was one of those brides who was pressured into a beautiful wedding dress because I had ‘no time’ before my wedding. The dress was pretty but it wasn’t me. I went for a walk with my mom in New Westminster to look at clutches. What I got was heartache. Sitting in the window of Ellebay was the dress I my dreams. As soon as I saw it I knew it was me. My mom sensing my confusion took me in for a closer look. The fabric was flowing just right and the detail flawless. I asked how long it takes to make them and because it was middle of wedding season it was outside of my timeline. I figured that was it, a sign, not meant to be.
Over the next few months everyone I saw would ask me about my dress, my response always the same, it’s beautiful but you should have seen this dress I saw in New West. My mom had enough, she went back to Ellebay and asked more questions. ‘Do people ever cancel, do you have some premade, do brides ever not pick up???’ The miracle worker and designer, Merly, asked why all the questions. My mom explained the story of ‘the dresses’ and Merly asked when my wedding was. My mom replied,’7 weeks’ to which Merly said,’ if you can get her out here today to take measurements I can make her dress in 7 weeks.’ A few hours later I was in the dress of my dreams crying because I knew I never wanted to take it off (I still tear up remembering the feeling).
7 weeks later having the dress on I was ready in my miracle dress to marry my prince. It was light and flowed which made a huge difference on a hot summer day and the guests were shocked and described it as ‘one of a kind’, ‘sexy yet romantic’, ‘stunning and so me’, and my husband says ‘it was the perfect dress for the perfect day’!
Now 7 weeks after my wedding, with Merly’s insight, ideas, and sheer brilliance I plan on shocking people again as we have hemmed my wedding dress to mid thigh for my honeymoon. Merly said she has always wanted her brides to be able to wear and enjoy their dresses more than once. My husband is excited and thinks I might be the only bride ‘to ever wear there dress again’.
What still takes my breath away is that all of this was done just for me! Merly doesn’t focus on just selling her dresses, she just wants each of her brides to feel like I did, beautiful and perfect because the day is about so much more. Thank you again Ellebay for my dress, wedding day, and for all the memories I have had and the ones to come!!
Your grateful bride,

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