…Been awhile since I’m in this page….

….to express my thoughts, my heart and my passion to what I love doing and making for the world to see. I’ve been so lost for a little while and still in the process adjusting every thing around me, pushing  myself to wake up each morning and try to have clear thoughts on what I should be doing during the 12 hour period. Fast forward, sometimes I want to disappear into thin air, sometimes I want to burry myself deep 9 yards under ground, sometimes I just stayed in bed 24 hours a day. But I’m back now. I hope for the better.

Thanks God, I have Him to guide me through each day. Without Him,Jesus Christ, I do not know where would I be. Being an artist and wedding dress designer stimulate my thoughts, my vision and  creativity to  a new stage of thinking.

Here one of our past bride Megan Dodsworth in Haley dress.
unnamed-1Our Hilary dress modelled by Ana Iggg. Taken  by me from Hycroft Manor. DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0012 And this  is our Hilary and Gabrielle dress by Warin@rychunphotographyunnamed-3Stay tune, There’s more to come…!:)


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