The making of a Barbara Dress at Ellebay atelier

” …she arrived at my studio excited and full of creative ideas of a design in which she envision to wear on her wedding day. Her ultimate “Dream Dress.”

At first, I was impressed with the complexities of her vision, but soon said to myself, “Wow!  Now this will be an adventure for us both.”

As the months went by, I transformed her vision into reality by engineering and constructing an exquisite dress that suited both her personality and delicate curves.

WA-LA…the Barbara dress was concieved.  Appropriately, as all my dresses are,  named after the first woman to wear it.
DSC_0160 2A very intricate hand sewn lace applique style of the dress this is, but I’m up to challenged. The more difficult dress to make the better it gets. It’s about courage and dedication. I’m always into trying to make something I  know when its done on how it looks like, or fitting wise look like. Sometimes a success sometimes disaster. On this dress it took me awhile to figured out on how to make it suit Barbara’s personality. Made mistakes but at the end it turns out very well done.
DSC_0164  A full cathedral veil that is also custom made.DSC_0171Hope you all like it. Congratulation Barbara< God bless you both!


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