Been awhile since……! Now I’m back

Re-visiting New Westminster memories with these ladies. A full-time mother, a daughter, a sister and a business woman. Is a bitter sweet experienced overall. I am stepping back for a while for now until then when the time is right. Maybe in a different business venture. Writing books is one of them and few more things in between.

Miss Petite Vancouver Canada Ashleen Chand
Miss Globe Internation Canada Tanpreet Palmar
Miss Universe Canada Kamilla Mihalik
Throwback-Breanne and I. Her wedding dress is in that bag.
Throwback – In New Westminster with Chelsea Rose Steffen photo shoot.

Recently, a bride-to- be named Tina pressed me on getting back on my blogging again. And she is very persistence that seems a new comer’s in your life  you knew them forever. An instant friendship developed just for a short while.  Act what you preach, she said.  It’s about time I think so too Tina, quietly telling myself as she stepped out from my studio today. Thank you Tina for the  beautiful card you made for me. And thank you for taking care of sick/well children as well. God bless always.


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