A wife asked her husband to expel his mother from their wedding:

……because of what he did, the whole world admires.

At his wedding, the son put his mother at the forefront of the table. His wife came in and asked;  why this old woman is here? kick her out from our wedding immediately. Wrote by ‘ Balkanspress’. He answered, “it’s my mother” But she still insisted that she will be expelled from the wedding, knowing it’s her husband’s mother. The son went to the microphone for the guests to hear and said; who will buy my mother? I am selling her today. Any price you offer for her? because my wife does not like her.

Everyone was staring at him and no one answered. He walked over to his mother and grabbed her hand and said, Nobody will buy my mother? Well, I will buy my mother. He went out with his mother in arm and left his wife with her guests and brought his mother into his house.

After a few days, a very rich man appeared at the door and said, “I heard what happened on your wedding! For this I will give you my daughter, because if you are so careful of your mother, you will surely care and respect my daughter”.

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