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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who follows this blog and supports what my mum and I do. As the year ends I can’t help but reflect on all the crazy/amazing things that have happened this year, and how excited I am for the future. We feel and are incredibly blessed, and hope that we’ll be able to keep doing what we love.

New photos of a new dress will be up tomorrow! Took them a few days ago, in this lovely December warmth (not). Chey was such a trooper as I clicked away. We got great shots of the dress next to some beautiful lights in downtown! And then of course a big cup of coffee to warm ourselves up afterwards.


Big smile!

– Merly




The Sequinned Godet Dress // 1

First of all, what are godets? They’re triangular inserts you can put into skirts to give additional fullness. They look like this :

Two words : sequinned godets. And a blush gown, mainly because I’ve been all sorts of obsessed with coloured wedding dresses lately, and would love for a new one in the shop. Can’t wait to share this one with you all!

– Merly

The “Kirsten” Dress

As promised, photos of our newest dress! For whatever reason, I thought taking these would be as easy as my regular outfit posts. However, turns out it is really cold and windy in November – who knew. Still, lighting was lovely and New West is the best backdrop. Plus, the dress is super soft and comfy to be in! We’re doing a new thing with our linings, and it’s definitely a good thing. Hope you like the finished product! 🙂

This gown is brand new at the shop, and already has a name! Congrats on your wedding gown, Kirsten. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday!

Dress Specs :
Outer Material : Off-White Chiffon
Lining : Off-White Tahari Satin
Band : Stringed Pearls

Los Angeles : Day Two

So today I realized what was so weird about downtown LA. Yesterday I felt like a vital part was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, it struck me – where the heck was STARBUCKS?! Seriously, downtown isn’t downtown without one on at least every corner!! I really am in a foreign country.


Today was day two at the fabric trade show. We placed our very first order today, which was pretty exciting.

Also, found this hidden gem of a silk supplier tucked away on the 7th floor (the trade show was happening on the top floor of the California Market Centre). Pays to stray onto the beaten path! Super excited to place an order here tomorrow.

After spending way too long of such a beautiful day inside, my mum and I opted to go to this awesome outdoor shopping mall called “The Grove”. We were hoping to go to Santee Alley, but the place closed at 6! Perhaps tomorrow 🙂

Glad we went here though! Such a beautiful place, and check out that trolly! Neat-o!!

Another reason I’m giving props to this place : they played classy-jazzy tunes OUTSIDE! Felt like something outta a movie, only the soundtrack was actually happening right then and there.

Was playing around with my cameras functions, and managed to take this photo of my mum walking ahead of me. The sun was setting, and the light was so pretty. Surprised I got this photo, cause I had switched to the crappy lens my camera came with because my 50mm is locked to zoom in waaaaay too much.

We were gonna go to one of the fancy looking restaurants situated in The Grove, but then we stumbled into the Farmer’s Market. It’s kinda like Granville Island, but surrounded by mall rather than water. My mum and I shared a de-licious pulled pork dinner plate 🙂

Another picture from The Grove. Seriously – this place was so pretty.

After spending way too much on clothes, my mum and I decided to grab dessert (aka eat our sorrows away) at The Cheesecake Factory! You’re lookin’ at a peanut butter cup cheesecake. So good oh-ma-gosh.

– Merly Bayona

Gown Shopping Tips

Who here’s heard of the slogan: “Expert advice when you need it”? I have no idea what company it’s for, but I do know that it rings true in many circumstances. When you need help for something, it’s usually wiser to approach somebody who’s good at what you need help with, rather than somebody on the same level of you.

As I grow my blog, I want to experiment with new posts about new topics.  I don’t know nearly as much as I’d like to about the world, but I definitely know a think or two about the bridal industry. I mean, owning Ellebay certainly helps, hahaha. Some posts regarding bridal trends are definitely a possibility, but for now, I’m going to try my hand at giving applicable tips and advice.

And this brings me to the topic of this post. Allow me to present my top five tips which will make your dress buying experience as painless as possible =)


Bring no more than three people with you while dress shopping, and keep in mind that the smaller the group the better. I know it’s tempting to invite your friend and your friend’s friend and the cousin of you’re friend’s friend, but trust me- it’s not a good idea. Most bridal shops don’t have the space to accommodate large groups plus walk-ins, not to mention that an opinionated group leads to stressed brides. You want to spend your day making yourself happy, not trying to please everybody else’s specific tastes.

Though it’s always best to be open to suggestion when trying on wedding dresses, I’d definitely recommend brides to do some research on what styles they like and don’t like. Bridal consultants are helpful and very knowledgeable about their products, but they won’t be experts on you. Trying on wedding dresses is a lot more tiring than people make it out to be, especially when your trying on the heavy ones! My favourite way to compile inspiration is through a site called “pinterest”. My pinterest account is pretty unorganized, but click here for a link to it! I’ll try my best to properly update it within the week.

Try to book appointments during slow times. Weekdays are always best, but if you must do a weekend, look into going later in the day. You’ll get more attention and you won’t feel any pressure or like you’re being rushed. When it’s slow, salespeople appreciate having something to do: you help them and they will help you.

Before you purchase a dress, always take into account alteration costs. Ellebay does alterations for four of the bridal shops along Columbia Street, and we’ve seen alterations hit the $500 mark. Remember: A $600 dress isn’t that great of a deal when you’re spending equal amounts turning it dress into something you actually like.

I know this is the cheesiest way to end a list like this, but I’m going to do it anyways. Have FUN. Bring your favorite pair of heels, wear a cute (and strapless) bra, do a bit more to your hair/make-up than you usually do. If you feel beautiful, your beauty will shine even more as you’re trying on dresses.


PS: Do you guys have any questions? Feel free to post something in the comment box or send me an email at ellebaybridal@gmail.com !

Ellebay Bridal Boutique’s Lizzie Dress: The Video

The evening this video was filmed started out as a photo shoot. What happened when Chey and I finally arrived in Maple Ridge, however? Fleeting light, darkness, all that good stuff. You’d think I’d be smart enough to realize the days aren’t as long as they were in the summer, hey?

Chey was in a pretty dress, so we figured might as well make something out of the situation. After a whole two minutes of deliberation, we decided to drive over to Downtown Vancouver. Gastown was where we ended up, and boy, was that a funny experience. Here’s a photo from Chey’s fifteen minutes of fame:
Such a great night filled with double takes and hilarious comments.

As always, thank you Cheylene for being a fabulous video subject and for driving from New West, to Maple Ridge, to Vancouver, and all the way back to Maple Ridge! You are a superstar.

And without further ado, here’s the video! As always, I hope you enjoy it =)

Song: Futile Devices – Sufjan Stevens

– Gabrielle Bayona

PS: Our contest ends this Tuesday! For more information, check out: https://ellebay.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/contest/

Pattern Cutting

Twelve hours ago, I walked into Future Shop and left with a Canon T2i! So eager was I to try it out, that I decided to film a bit of my work. This amateur video project made the duration of my task take three times as long as it normally would, but at least I was able to practice with a few camera functions. Enjoy!